Guardians of the Forest

by Rachel Hurt
illustrated by Ryan Durney
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All About Friendship,

Self -Discovery, & Happiness

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Auberon is a unicorn that is having a hard time accepting who he is.  "A unicorn without a horn is just a horse!" he says.

Determined to find happiness, Auberon gallops through a magical forest that is said to have trees that see and hear everything that happens under their crowns.  The oak trees are aware of the difficult times Auberon is going through, but these "Guardians of the Forest" gently encourage him to continue on his journey to find what he is looking for.  


At the beginning of his journey, he meets a new friend and they begin on his adventure together. They visit famous fairytale locals along the way, which encourages new conversation and maybe the beginning of a new friendship. By the end of his journey he gains clarity, knowledge, and learns new things along the way.  Will this journey take him on the road that he was looking for?  Has Auberon learned the meaning of self-acceptance?

"Guardians of the Forest" is an insightful and inspirational story about self-discovery, friendship, and adventure.