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Guardians of the Forest

Guardians of the Forest is a magical story of self-love, acceptance, and inner beauty, all things very close to Rachel's heart. This book was written by Rachel Hurt, and illustrated by the extraordinarily talented Ryan Durney.


The goal of this story is to communicate its core values to impressionable children in a fun and enjoyable way. Though the targeted age group is 5-10, anyone who reads this enlightening story will be filled with childlike wonder, and find a deep sense of clarity within themselves. This book was crafted with Rachel's love for creative writing and fairytales kept close in mind, and she's extremely motivated to get her book out there so more children can read this story and absorb its important messages:

You are good enough. Stay true to yourself. Sometimes what you're looking for is a whole lot closer than you think. Self-acceptance and self-love are some of the most important things. Release your inner beauty. 



Originally sold & printed for a limited edition series, Rachel successfully reached her goal of selling 1,000 total copies, and donating $16,174 to the Andy Roddick Foundation, along with spending many hours reading to their schools' children.


Now, after much time, work, preparation, and effort, Rachel is excited to announce the launch of her website and the publication of her book to be sold on many platforms in the near future such as Amazon, Book People, and Barnes and Nobles! And of course this website for a limited number of copies! 

The beautiful story of Guardians of the Forest rings true to her heart, and Rachel truly hopes you cherish it as much as she does.

The Characters





The Ugly Duckling

The Oak Trees

The Other Unicorns


A beautiful tale of self-love and inner beauty.

The Author

Self-love and inner beauty are two values of extreme importance to Rachel. At 11, she gave a TEDx talk about those very things, and went on to write a book that's sole purpose is to communicate these ideas to impressionable children. Guardians of the Forest is an insightful story about staying true to who you are, loving and accepting yourself, and not only finding beauty inside, but sharing that beauty with the world. 

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An Important Message 

The truth is that my book has been on the back burner for a few years now. Believe me when I say it would be so easy to give up, and I have for the past couple of years. But at this point, I owe it to my story and myself to follow through on the promise I made to Auberon and the other characters all those years ago. There's so many issues in the world to talk about, and I hope my book addresses a couple of them, helping everyone - especially children - realize their worth. I love myself so much as far as the way I can create strings of words that tell stories begging to be told. Guardians of the Forest is one of them. Passion isn't enoughor else my book would have been published years ago. I'm starting to realize that dedication and discipline are really the only things you can rely on. Showing up for the promises you make and holding up your end of the deal to yourself. You can only truly have respect for yourself when you trust that you will be there for you. I told myself that if my book had the potential to even help one person, I would do it. I would listen to the voice of my inner child and focus on the beauty that my story could create for others, rather than the voice of anxiety and disbelief in my mind. I know it will, so I'm doing it. The world loves authenticity, so here I am, writing something I wasn't even planning to address, and putting it on the home page of my website for you to read at this very moment. I trust that whatever is meant to happen...will. The powerful story of Auberon, the one and only hornless unicorn, was brought to life through the tips of my fingers all those years ago, and will live on in the coming years of the future. I trust that it will travel to the ears of all of the beautiful souls that need to hear it. It's time.

Coming soon in bookstores and on Amazon!

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