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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! Guardians of the Forest is a magical children's story that I created not only as an expression of my love for writing, but also to become an inspirational story that I hope touches many young hearts. 

The first 1,000 limited edition copies have successfully been sold, in which 100% of the proceeds went to the ARF Foundation, an incredible amount of $16,174 dollars. 

As of now, there are 500 additional limited edition copies left to sell before my book's launch on Amazon! A portion of the profits from these next 500 will be going to the organization Room to Read! 

would love to hear from you, and receive photos via email - in the contact section - to add to this website I created! All of your support means the world to me, and I trust that the story of Auberon may live on forever through and within the hearts of loyal readers like you! If you choose to purchase Guardians of the Forest, I hope you love and enjoy the meaningful story my book has to tell and the beautiful illustrations as much as I do!


Love, Rachel

Summary of Guardians of the Forest

Auberon is a unicorn that is having a hard time accepting who he is.  "A unicorn without a horn is just a horse!" he says. Because of his differences from the other unicorns, he is often unbearably lonely.

Determined to find happiness, Auberon ventures off on a quest for his horn. He impulsively leaves his home, galloping through a magical forest that is said to have trees who hear and see everything that happens under their crowns.  These mystical Oak trees are aware of the difficult times Auberon is going through, 
and as the "Guardians of the Forest", they gently encourage him to advance forwards on his enchanting journey of self-discovery.  


Upon beginning his travels, Auberon meets the kind bluebird Willow, and together they continue on an admirable adventure. They visit famous fairytale locals along the way, which encourage new conversations and the beginning of new friendships. By the end of his journey Auberon gains clarity and knowledge, and most importantly, self-love. Will his remarkable adventure lead him down the path he was looking for? Will Auberon finally get a horn and will having one really constitute his happiness? Has Auberon truly learned the meaning of self-acceptance?

Guardians of the Forest is an insightful, inspirational, and colorful story of acceptance, friendship, and adventure.

There are 12 beautiful double spread illustrations in this book! 

(All created by the wonderful Ryan Durney of course!)


*The picture above is a replica of one of the double spread pages in the Guardians of the Forest book!

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