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Gay Gaddis

It is rare that we get to see the innovation and creativity of someone of Rachel Hurt’s age come to life. Her story delights and teaches us beautiful lessons we can carry with us. She made her book a complete work, by choosing an outstanding illustrator to nudge our imagination as the tale unfolds. I bought several of the books for my young friends and all have loved it. We know this is just the beginning of what we can expect from Rachel’s brilliant mind. I for one, will be watching her for many years to come.


Kirk Dando

Once in a rare while does an author come along that has the skill to bind together the creative hearts and minds of adults and children alike. Even rarer is an author who has the ability to convey an important message using the power of words, imagery and storytelling. That is exactly what Rachel Hurt has done in Guardians of the Forest. You will find yourself drawn in by the adventures of Auberon and finish feeling inspired and renewed...something we can all benefit from.


Andy Roddick

Rachel Hurt is a deeply insightful writer - way ahead of years - and has written a moving story about all of us as we discover ourselves, only through our own personal journeys. Everyone should read this, children of all ages, and be reminded by the potential and promise in each of us which is core to the mission of the Andy Roddick Foundation.

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