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About the Author

Rachel's love for creative writing began to blossom when she was a child, and has only continued to grow. When she was eleven, she gave a TEDx talk about inner beauty and self love, and more recently she was a speaker at a conscious capitalism event. Now Rachel is 17, and a junior in high school. Rachel loves playing tennis, traveling, creative writing, going to delicious restaurants & exploring her city, and hanging out with her friends, family, and 3 dogs. As a freshman, an article was written about her journey thus far with her book (as shown below). Rachel is the proud author of Guardians of the Forest, and hopes to sell it on Amazon and in other stores like Book People and Barnes & Nobles in 2022!

I had no idea what I was creating when, for the very first time, I started typing up a story that would come to be the colorful journey of Auberon and Willow, the hornless unicorn, and his sidekick bluebird.

- Rachel

Rachel's Dream

Ever since Rachel was little, she has had a passion and love for writing. One of Rachel's most favorite things as a girl were the nightly story times with her parents. She grew to love imaginative things like movies, fairy tales, and of course creative writing. Now, Rachel's biggest dream is ultimately to change the world for the better by influencing the young and old through her writing.

"'Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you'..." 

- Rachel's TEDx talk


Fun Facts about Rachel

- Held the title of "official honey taster" for Deep Eddy Vodka at age nine.
- Participated in a Columbia dream writing course over the summer of 2021.
- Judged Texas A&M University start-up competition at age twelve.

- Gave a TEDx talk at age eleven about self-love and inner beauty.

Follow her, and the Guardian of the Forests' journey by following all of the socials below!

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